Adopting an Cavalier Puppy at FleurDeLys

A FleurDeLys Cavalier King Charles PuppyAll Cavalier puppies from our breeding will be :

  • registered with the Canadian Kennel Club,
  • vaccinated and dewormed,
  • microchipped
  • and checked by a reputable veterinarian prior to their adoption.

In addition, all puppies come with an adoption contract and a written health guarantee for 2 years.

We attach great importance to socialization. So the puppies are raised with us, in our house, in contact with people and noise, and receive lots of affection and caresses. We strive to prepare our puppies for a smooth transition from our home to yours. Here are some of the things we do to ensure they are socialized and ready for their new home.

The puppies ...

  • Grow up in the house, in the middle of the action. They are used to everyday sounds, including bells, vacuuming, activities in the kitchen, television, phone ringing, people talking, etc..
  • Are socialized with our other dogs, as well as different types of people,
  • Are physically handled, petted, taken care of and this every day, Learn to use the stairs, walking and playing on several types of surfaces,
  • Are introduce a few times to car rides,
  • Have many different types of toys to play with, and recreational activities,
  • Have the opportunity to explore their inner and outer surrounding
  • Are introduced to nail trimming, bathing and brushing,
  • Are introduced to housetraining,
  • Will play outside (if weather permits).

A FleurDeLys Cavalier King Charles PuppyIn addition to receiving lots of hugs and love! Our puppies leave our home usually at 9 weeks of age . They will be microchipped and come with their up-to-date health booklet.

We guarantee healthy puppies, balanced, loving, social and conforming to standard. The puppies are socialized from birth and are raised in our home with much love and attention to ensure a future pleasant and well balanced member of the family.


As our service, we will remain available throughout the dog's life for any questions or advice. We are also particularly attached to the notion of keeping track of our puppies. So you may well receive a call from us from time to time to get the latest news. And, of course, we also appreciate to receive news and photos from you ! A gesture that represents for us a reward and a pleasure.