About the FleurDeLys Kennel

My kennel is located in a quiet village close to Drummondville. My dogs live in my house and are part of my everyday family life. Currently, I work from home part time, so I devote a good part of my time to take care of my canine family.FleurDeLys Cavalier King Charles Home

The fact that I am at home allows my dogs to enjoy the outdoors several hours per day (spread throughout the day) every day. In the courtyard, they enjoy the sun, the fresh air, plants, a large space in which they can run and play. In winter, they love playing in the snow.

My dogs have access to various toys in the house, and various materials on which they can chew.

They enjoy many outings and walks, and love it. Dog shows also allow additional outings.


The girls are fed a holictic food, which provides health at the highest level. Being mothers, I want them to receive the best nutrition possible to ensure a good pregnancy, an easy birth, and the energy required for lactation. But, more importantly, I want the future puppies to have the best opportunity to thrive and grow.  The Backyard of Cavalier King Charles Fleurdelys I want to ensure the best possible start in life.

I am follow the 'minimalist' vaccination protocol, developed by Dr. Jean Dobbs *. Over-vaccination can cause as much harm to their health as poor nutrition.

I am also adept of natural remedies to treat my dogs, except for conditions that require a necessary medication or veterinary intervention, of course.


I n this adventure, I have teamed with my sister, Véronique Matte-Paquet, whose expertise and knowledge greatly benefit my breeding program, since she is herself a dedicated breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs for 10 years now.

My breeding has become my passion and I spend a lot of time and love, as they are (and all the puppies that come out of my kennel) like children to me.

* Dr. Jean Dobbs is a veterinarian whose research in the immunology of vaccines in dogs and cats has proven that vaccines are effective for several years.